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Amy Alsante | Baltimore, MD |
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Charms Gracious Gift BCAT
Charms Gracious Gift

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Born: 10/16/2020

  • OFA HIPS: GR-140380F25F-U-VPI
  • OFA EYES: GR-EYE26044/27F-VPI
  • Embark Genetic Testing: All Clear/Normal
Gia is the dog that I would own 10 of! She is absolutely perfect around the house. Her kind expression, soft fur and gentle personality make her an instant hit as a therapy dog. Pictures of Gia’s litter were posted daily during the beginning of the pandemic. I did not realize that people were waiting for the puppy pictures until one evening I forgot to post. I received numerous messages telling me how important the puppy posts were to brighten everyone’s day. Parents were using the puppies to help their children and themselves to adapt to the dynamic social and learning environments during covid. When Gia was old enough, I began taking her to the hospital with me as an unofficial therapy dog. Once therapy certifications resumed, she became official and has been providing much needed support to hundreds of frontline healthcare workers throughout the pandemic. Gia was slow to mature, and still has perpetual puppy face. She is just beginning her show career. As a puppy, shows were extremely limited due to covid. She was awarded Best Puppy at the Garden State Golden Retriever Club Specialty in September 2021. Gia was invited to appear on the Today Show in November 2022 to promote the National Dog show and share the work that she does as a Therapy Dog with Frontline Healthcare Workers.
Watch Amy and Gia on the Today Show!
Best Puppy in Show
gia best puppy
Show Time
gia showing
gia showing

Studio Portraits
gia head study

Head Study

gia head study

Posing Beautifully

gia head study

Elegant Combination

gia therapy dog

Therapy Dog time

gia and amy

Relaxing after showing

gia at show

Grooming time

gia fast cat

Gia FastCAT

gia fast cat

Another FastCAT