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Amy Alsante | Baltimore, MD |
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I was introduced to the Golden Retriever breed, when at 14 years old, I rescued my first golden retriever, Ginger Bay. I used Ginger for junior showmanship for a number of years, determined to make her a show dog, but her heart was not in the conformation ring. After retiring Ginger from Juniors, I sought out the advice and mentorship of Ginny and Jennifer Boyle-Grant of Charms Golden Retrievers. where I purchased my foundation bitch, CiCi.

For over 30 years I have been showing my Goldens in Conformation, Agility and Obedience and during that time I have bred several litters. I am a nurse full-time, so showing dogs has evolved into an out of control hobby. I breed with purpose, to produce top quality Golden Retrievers that will become a healthy and happy part of your family and mine for years to come.

The Charm City Goldens logo is a picture I took of my foundation bitch Cici, with her mother at four weeks old. Look for the hidden nod to Cici in the logo. My first few litters carry on the Charms name. I am grateful for all of the knowledge that Ginny and Jen have shared over the years, so I wanted to keep Charms as a part of my kennel name as I sought out my own identity. Baltimore is often referred to as Charm City, so it made Charm City an obvious choice for my kennel name.